Is Saint’s Row Coming To Linux?


I’ve often wondered what’s more upsetting; being set on fire only to have the fire put out with buckets of urine, or a new Humble Bundle for Windows only.  Well, I’ve yet to be set of fire and put out with a firehose-style golden shower, but regardless of the fact, I’m infinitely disappointed by Windows-only Humble Bundles.  However this latest bundle has almost been remedied by Guido Eickmeyer, Creative Director at Deep Silver.  Just hours ago, Guido started a popular AMA thread over on Reddit.

User ttyborg opened the discussion with the following question:

Can we count on native Linux versions for your current/next games? It would be super awesome.

In response, Guido was kind enough to offer the following:

i would say there is a good chance

Not exactly gospel, but seeing as at the time of this writing, it is the only question that has been asked, and the answer does not reveal a hint of doubt.  No double-talk, no diplomatic baloney; just a wink of positivity.

Source | r/IAmA

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