KDE Connect For Android Shares Everything, Even Your Clipboard


Developer Albert Vaka has a very interesting GSoC project.  In the wake of Ubuntu’s ‘convergance story‘, the prospect of integrating your phone with your computer–or even using your phone as a desktop–has become a very hot topic.  Albert, not interested in seeing KDE users left out in the cold, has taken the very first steps necessary to get KDE talking with Android.  And no, this has nothing to do with Dolphin’s MTP support.  Vaka’s app currently does the following;

  • Call notifications

Allows you to receive call notifications on the desktop, through the system tray.  Notifications are delivered through a very handsome plasma applet.

  • SMS Notifications

No demonstration is given for this, but the intent is to receive SMS messages on your desktop, and have the ability to reply to them.  It is to be assumed that the plasma applet for this is not an actual SMS messaging program, but a bridge that sends your message to the recipient through your phone’s messaging app by simply passing the data along to it.

  • Battery Report

Allows to to check the battery capacity of your Android device from the KDE system tray.

  • Clipboard Sync

Very cool stuff here.  KDE Connect allows users to directly manipulate the clipboard history of whatever KDE machine it is connected to.  Have a note that you want to paste into a document later?  Paste it into the clipboard sync utility and have immediate access to the text from the KDE system tray!

  • MPRIS Controls

MPRIS is a standard for controlling media players in Linux over Dbus.  KDE connect will let your remotely control apps like Spotify, Amarok and others.  If they are running, you can select between them using the KDE connect app.

  • Ping

Probably not necessary for day to day operations, but KDE Connect will allow you to send ICMP requests to the KDE client that you are–or hope to be– connected too.

KDE Connect In Action



Source | Albert Vaka’s YouTube Channel

Via | r/linuxactionshow

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    Thanks Dean!

  • Aaron Wolf

    Woohoo! That’s AWESOME, a really practical ready-today/soon boon for Free Software! I hope it will be able to be ported to Firefox OS and even Ubuntu Phone or whatever too.