Mir gains VT Switching Support in 13.10 Saucy


Phoronix reports today that Revision 943 of Canonical’s Xorg replacement, Mir, has finally gained support for switching virtual terminals.  VT support for many Linux users is an absolute necessity, especially when trying to tame a machine without SSH access from the console.  While this is certainly welcome news for those who plan to make the scary journey into Mir display server territory this October, it’s a frightening prospect for the rest of us knowing that these types of basic features are just now being implemented.  These reports come just a few weeks Canonical announced that they are still deciding how multiple monitor support should be handled in Mir.

From Phoronix:

In adding proper support for switching to virtual terminals while still keeping the Mir session active, Revision 942 re-introduced console support and at the same time support for ignoring control characters, since input events like Alt + Fn keys were being passed down to the console rather than just for handling by the system compositor.

Source | Phoronix

Via | The Powerbase Official Google Plus Feed

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