Rhythmbox Hits 3.0, Goes On GTK3 Magic Carpet Ride


I Eat Tapes

Rhythmbox, the long standing default audio player for Gnome, has been updated to 3.0 after –more or less– an eternity.  This great player now fully integrates with Gnome 3.  Codenamed I Eat Tapes, Rhythmbox is set to please all of us old-timers who still like our jukeboxes to work precisely like iTunes 2.  I mean face it, any UX innovation past the year 2002 is purely superficial.  :)

Most Apparent Changes:


  • Plugins now use Python 3
  • New task progress display below the track list (used for various things including track transfers and import jobs)
  • Support for composer tags
  • Restyled playback controls
  • Restyled source list using symbolic icons
  • Better introspection of everything
  • Separate CBR and VBR encoding styles with different sets of exposed properties
  • Playlist settings (browser visibility etc.) saved in playlists.xml
  • Better use of RTL icons where appropriate


With this release, there are bug-fixes aplenty.  While these are all stated in the release notes, Bill Toulas from World of Gnome was kind enough to provide links to each and everyone.  Thanks!

Bugs fixed:

(#127939) – support for composer/Music Director id3 tag in rhythmbox and the database
(#516846) – Use short labels in toolbar
(#652892) – Browser visibility is forgotten on program restart
(#672044) – Man page for rhythmbox-client should be updated
(#675145) – Provide an app menu
(#677645) – Improve custom recording settings
(#697533) – Several keyboard shortcuts don’t work in 2.99
(#697915) – XI_BadDevice errors
(#697959) – Incorrect time shows briefly when song changes
(#698043) – fix im-status plugin load
(#698429) – click album or artist list -> window size returns
(#698460) – macros/Makefile.in is kinda missing
(#698810) – IM status plugin doesn’t work
(#698979) – ReplayGain plugin cannot load
(#700017) – man: Remove –quit option
(#700177) – rhythmbox fails to build introspection with Gtk 3.9
(#700401) – replaygain crashes Rhythmbox on second play
(#700424) – Impossible to unmaximize the main window by double clicking on the title bar
(#700590) – rb-audiocd-source.c:1009: not doing musicbrainz lookup as we don’t have a disc id
(#701032) – No external plugins menu items visible in the Play Queue popup
(#701194) – The library import tab does not update the available tracks
(#701307) – No longer able to examine and respond to changes in RhythmDB
(#702679) – exception hit when attempting to read an entry-view BPM column
(#702683) – Ctrl+Space no longer pauses/plays current song
(#703624) – “Add to playlist >” contextual menu item is disabled when inside a dynamic playlist
(#703626) – “Browse” togglebutton/pushbutton is initially inconsistent
(#703627) – Small UI nitpicks in 2.99.x: cut off inline toolbar, redundant separator widget
(#703798) – App is reading wrong ID3 tag used to show Year
(#705307) – Date tag not detected properly on FLAC files (and possibly others)
(#705427) – Set button arrow icons according to locale’s text direction
(#705626) – Shortcuts missing
(#706760) – Set button arrow icons according to locale’s text direction
(#707082) – IM status does nothing
(#707184) – Song comments disappear after closing Rhythmbox
(#707360) – Desktop file categories are wrong

The continued development of Rhythmbox is appreciated greatly in our neck of the woods.  Rhythmbox is a capable and mature player that does its job extremely well–and fast to boot.  Gnome Music is not for everyone, and as it matures, we sincerely hope the Rhythmbox will live on as a suitable alternative.

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  • Alan

    Amen! I was using SoundJam long before Apple bought it, over 10 years ago! Still love the iTunes-style library layout. 😛 It helps if you have really good ID3 tags (beets for tagging is awesome!).