RTS Nuclear Dawn Almost Certainly Coming To Linux


It has been confirmed that Nuclear Dawn, the RTS/FPS hybrid game from Interwave studios, is being courted for the Linux platform.  Courted by whom?  Valve.  The average and aging game, currently available for both Windows and Mac platforms, currently carries no support for Linux, but that will almost certainly change with the help of Valve.  A developer for Interwave posted the following on the studios forum:

We just got a reply from Valve concerning this and I thought of sharing it with you all:

We are working on a solution to provide the InterWave team with a build of the engine that contains the Linux code so they can release a Linux version on the game Nuclear Dawn.  Linux is an important platform for Valve and we want as many game supporting it as possible.

– Valve

So, is Valve taking exception with Interwave in order to help this game make the leap, or is this a signal of things to come?  Will Valve extend its Linux tools and knowledge to other development firms to ease the transition to Linux?  Or is this a one time deal?  Either way, this is a welcome sign.

Of course is we had things our way, we might like to see more muscle behind Half-Life 3, instead of these oldies-but-goodies.

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Dean Howell

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