Win a Free Android Game Console Courtesy of PlayMG!


Free Console???  Yep!

PlayMG, a company dedicated to Android game consoles and safety online, wants to give one lucky Powerbase reader a PlayMG Android game console.  What is a PlayMG?  Well, we spent some time with the device several months ago.  You can read our impressions here.

So, how do you win?  Easy! 

1.) Find us on Google+ or Facebook.  Share the post!

2.) Like us on Facebook or give us a +1 on Google Plus.

3.) Come back here and leave a comment stating why you should win a PlayMG game console!

That’s it!

The winner will be chosen on Nov. 26th, so make sure to keep checking back! 


PlayMG Specifications

Check out Olivia Holt and Kyrie Irving enjoying the PlayMG below.


Powerbase Review | PlayMG

Powerbase Interview | PlayMG’s Taylor Cavanah



  • gopadge

    I should win a PlayMG game console because I currently don’t have any entertainment in my residence.

    • lordpenguin

      What, you don’t know how to dance??

      • gopadge

        My dancing is only entertaining for those who watch… I’m actually living in an older RV temporarily so there isn’t even much room for dancing.

  • Uri A

    Show me the money!

  • eleefece

    I should win a PlayMG because my PSP is officially death and it was my only game console :(

  • NeoTechni

    I’d love to make a launcher for that. Similar to PSP’s XMB

  • Donna Padgett

    I could use a game console for stress relief!

  • tberthel

    I would use it to test my games.

  • Krista L. Hohn

    would love to gift my child with this..this is awesome

  • Seanium

    I could use it for my as a mp3 player

  • Frédérick Pagé

    i want to win it because i want it!

  • William Eby

    I had to work with Dean for a year. A WHOLE YEAR! I also have his cat. Actually, I guess that’s a plus for me, he’s a good cat, Church (now Iwan de Verschrikkelijk, or Ivan the Terrible). Um, I would definitely do a writeup for the thing, and my 4 year old would love it. My 1 year old will love it in the future, if the 4 year old doesn’t kill it first. It would look real nice next to my 4″ Galaxy Player? Or in my Philips Fidelio DS8530/37 Android docking station.

    Yeah, I really just want another device. All my vices, are devices.

    • lordpenguin

      You really wish it could be that easy, don’t you!! Haha.

      • William Eby

        One hundred Internets to you if you can figure out where the “All my vices are devices” phrase comes from.

  • David Fitch

    I want it so my wife and kids will leave my phone consoles and computer alone

  • Guest

    I would like to make a better launcher for it

  • Joseph Rhodes

    i’d love one to play with the kids.

  • Roger Pence

    would love to make my girlfriend happy!

  • King Butter

    Because…who doesn’t like free

  • Elijah Saenz

    Because im an android guy!