THEPOWERBASE.COM is the product of passion.  Passion for all kinds of devices and technology.  This site is not unlike the sites that inspired like Gizmodo, and Engadget (before the walkout).  This site is about the desire to put our own spin on the groundwork that has already been layed by other technology blogs.

This site however is not just about news.  It is about accessibility.  At THEPOWERBASE.COM, we are passionate about open-source software and it’s place in the community.  With regard to our zealous position on Linux in particular, we are committed (stubbornly), to bringing it’s zeal to the mainstream.  It is our wish that THEPOWERBASE.COM becomes a voice in the technology community, and towards the future, an authority.

The website should act as a hub for everything powered by electricity.  This should be the first place you look if you want to read about a new Samsung phone or a review of LinuxMINT.  We will work as hard as we can to make this true.

We love our readers, the few of them that there are, and we want you to be able to sound-off without fear of censorship.  We will do everything in our power to enable freedom here, though we will not feed the trolls.  If someone does and the trolls ask for more, they will simply be kicked out of our peaceful village.

Please, join us in building an extraordinary hub for technology on the web.

Dean Howell



  • sabri ünal

    Hi friends… Your feed page is have a little blank strings in header and its effecting my rss reader: rssowl not showing any rss feed… thanks…

    please analize it:

    • Tom Nardi

      Thanks, we recently found out about this issue and are working on resolving it. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Jubal Anderson

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