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Creating Peer.fm: Interview with Developer Ryan Lester

Creating Peer.fm: Interview with Developer Ryan Lester

Back in April we reported on the release of Napster.fm by Ryan Lester, a service which used YouTube to serve up streaming music right in the users’ web browser. Ryan released his software under the GPLv3 on GitHub, and thanks in no small part to the notoriety of the Napster name, the service rapidly gained popularity. In these last


Reimagining Play: Interview with PlayMG’s Taylor Cavanah

Last month, we brought you a review of the MG, an Android powered handheld gaming system designed for casual games. The combination of vanilla Android and the MG’s custom parental controls made the device a compelling option for gamers young and old alike, and its comparatively low price combined with the vast Android software library


Open Source Music Streaming Service Napster.fm Released

When the MP3 format was unleashed onto the relatively young Internet, it was an absolute game changer. It finally made audio files small enough to practically distribute over the Internet, as high-speed connections were still a luxury item for the majority of Internet users. But while it was the MP3 format that made it possible,


“Hacking the Xbox” Released as Free eBook in Honor of Aaron Swartz

Well known hacker Andrew “bunnie” Huang has announced via a post on the website for “No Starch Press” that he has decided to release his infamous work “Hacking the Xbox” as a free eBook in honor of Internet activist Aaron Swartz. Honoring Aaron Aaron’s shocking suicide in January of this year, widely believed to be


Anodyne, A 16-Bit Style Action RPG, Released For Linux

If you visited The Pirate Bay today, you probably noticed a nice little promo going on involving the new game Anodyne.  Anodyne is a Zelda-esque style action RPG, with the charm of my favorite RPG ever Earthbound.  Well, it’s not just charm; it really feels like it is part of the Earthbound/Mother series.  We haven’t


An Experiment in Digital Self Publishing

I’ve written quite a bit of technical and instructional text (perhaps you’ve noticed), but I’ve never been one for writing fiction. While I’ve certainly read enough of the stuff, the idea of actually creating characters, realistic dialog, scenarios, and all the other bits that make a good book have always been too intimidating. But after


Open Source Software Brings Classic Gaming To Your Browser

By combining multiple open source projects, some know how, and a love for retro gaming, developer Aleksander Guryanov has been able to bring the groundbreaking real time strategy (RTS) game Dune II into modern web browsers. While unquestionably a fun diversion for classic gaming aficionados, this project is more importantly an excellent demonstration of the incredible capability


Open Source Handheld GCW-Zero Nears Kickstarter Goal

There’s only 8 days until the end of Game Consoles Worldwide’s Kickstarter campaign for their open source handheld, GCW-Zero. With another $28,000 to go, the GCW-Zero is very close to hitting it’s funding goal of $130,000; but also dangerously close to missing it. GCW-Zero The GCW-Zero is based on an Ingenic JZ4770 1 GHz MIPS CPU,


Free Software Documentary “Software Wars” in Need of Support

“Software Wars” is an in-development documentary by Keith Curtis, based on his 2009 book of the same name. It’s a look at how free and open source software can make our world a better place, and the possibilities that are available to us by abandoning closed source proprietary systems and working together towards an open