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Creating Interview with Developer Ryan Lester

Creating Interview with Developer Ryan Lester

Back in April we reported on the release of by Ryan Lester, a service which used YouTube to serve up streaming music right in the users’ web browser. Ryan released his software under the GPLv3 on GitHub, and thanks in no small part to the notoriety of the Napster name, the service rapidly gained popularity. In these last


Reimagining Play: Interview with PlayMG’s Taylor Cavanah

Last month, we brought you a review of the MG, an Android powered handheld gaming system designed for casual games. The combination of vanilla Android and the MG’s custom parental controls made the device a compelling option for gamers young and old alike, and its comparatively low price combined with the vast Android software library


Taking Control: Interview with FLIRC Creator Jason Kotzin

We’ve covered a lot of hardware projects here on “The Powerbase”, from completely open source creations such as the OsciPrime, to 2012’s incredible influx of Kickstarter campaigns. But none of them have kept our attention as closely as Jason Kotzin’s FLIRC. Jason has managed to achieve a delicate balance between the obsessive attention to detail that comes


F-Droid Free Software Repository: Interview with Ciaran Gultnieks

For users who chose Android over competing mobile operating systems because it was released under a free and open source license (Apache), or because they didn’t like the overbearing control exerted on them from certain smartphone manufacturers, it’s not hard to see how the existing Android marketplaces would leave a lot to be desired. These markets are full of


Creating the OsciPrime: Interview with Manuel Di Cerbo

The OsciPrime has come a long way; from student project to commercial product, this open source hardware and software project is an excellent case study on just what it takes to turn a concept into a reality. To learn more about this fascinating project, we decided to speak with Manuel Di Cerbo, one of the OsciPrime’s original


Monetizing Open Source with Fairware: Interview with Virgil Dupras

There has been a long standing belief (or perhaps more accurately, fear), that developers who chose to release the source code for their software under a free and open license can’t turn their project into a viable source of income. It’s not hard to see how this negative connotation has developed. Those who may not be well versed in the


Evolution Of Security: Interview With Pwnie Express CEO Dave Porcello

We recently got the opportunity to spend some hands on time with the Pwnie Express Pwn Plug, the product that has had everyone talking since February’s RSA Conference. We came away from the experience with the strong sense that devices like this are the future of security, for the good guys and the bad. For not much more