How To Install Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu 14.04, 14.10, and 15.04

So Microsoft released today its first application for Linux (I think).  It’s called Visual Studio Code and it supports the following languages: C++, jade, PHP, Python, XML, Batch, F#, DockerFile, Coffee Script, Java, HandleBars, R, Objective-C, PowerShell, Luna, Visual Basic, and Markdown. Announced at it’s Build Developer Conference., it purportedly will not only allow for […]


Linux Mint “Not in the Business of Picking Winners”, Continues With Xorg

Since Ubuntu’s announcement of the Mir display manager, the fate of Ubuntu derivatives such as Kubuntu and Linux Mint have been questioned and discussed by both the community and it’s leaders.  Finally, one of those leaders has made its path clear.  Clement Lefebvre has come forward in the Linux Mint Blog to announce that Linux […]


Google Pixel Runs Linux Mint, With Minimal Tradeoffs

There are many of you who were surprised by yesterday’s announcement of the Chromebook Pixel, a high resolution device with extremely limited capabilities for an enormous pricetag.  In fact, many of you who have a filter or immunity to Google’s shiny new things might recognize that the only stand-out feature of this device is the […]


Cinnamon Goes 2D, Diminishes Mate’s Relevance

Announced via the Linux Mint Blog, Cinnamon 1.6 becomes official.  It comes with a full compliment of new features and improvements to existing ones, including; Workspace Names Cinnamon 2D Configurable Alt-Tab Keyboard Navigation Expo Grid View Configurable Panel Heights Scale, Expo, Brightness Applets Windows Quick-list Notifications Applet Also, Mint has officially unveiled Nemo, Linux Mint’s fork […]


Why Fedora 18 Will Be The Practical Choice For Vanilla Enthusiasts

You’ve come a long way, baby We all know about the rocky road that Gnome 3 has been travelling on since March of last year.  Not since KDE 4.0 has a desktop environment been met with such community backlash and perceived exodus.  I say “perceived” because that’s what it is.  In the world of Linux, these things […]