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Bitcoin Faucets and the Wild, Wild West

Bitcoin Faucets and the Wild, Wild West

Capitalizing on the Gold Rush Thus far, Bitcoin has a storied history of historic highs and historic lows. While recent developments in the Bitcoin space have proved that the crypto-currency has reached a tipping point between a perceived illegitimate laundering mechanism and legitimate asset with real-world purchasing power, we are still very much in the


Journeying Itinerants Hijack Open Office For Profit

The Complaint While browsing Reddit this morning, I came across an interesting post from user cyrus9020.  His post can be viewed below, or at this link. I google open office and the first (paid) link is this: . It seems to be openoffice from the pictures but i looked at the terms part of the website


Anonymous Creates Profit Center With Duck Duck Go?

Remastering Ubuntu and creating your own distribution is easy.  In fact, this is part of my day job and I can tell you that a child could do it with a little nudge in the right direction.  Anonymous, or more accurately, some anonymous person, has remastered Ubuntu 11.10 to create the Anonymous OS.  Trust me


US E-Voting System Cracked In 2 Business Days

Within 48 hours, a group of researchers from the University of Michigan cracked the US e-voting system.  Using vulnerabilities from the login field and even cookies, the team forced their way into the system.  “We successfully changed every vote and revealed almost every secret ballot.”  The hacked was only discovered 2 days later when security


Hackers In Space: Hackerspace Global Grid Interview

At the Chaos Communication Camp 2011 Jens Ohlig, Lars Weiler, and Nick Farr proposed a daunting task: to land a hacker on the Moon by 2034. The plan calls for three separate phases: Establishing an open, free, and globally accessible satellite communication network Put a human into orbit Land on the Moon Interestingly enough, there is


Google Screenwise: Your Privacy Is Worth $25.

“If there was hope, it must lie in the proles, because only there, in those swarming disregarded masses, eighty-five percent of the population of Oceania, could the force to destroy the Party ever be generated.”  — Orwell, 1984 Google’s new program “Screenwise” aims to watch your browsing habitats in an unlimited and unmitigated fashion for

Jailbreak Featured

Jailbreaking Is Not a Crime: Protect Your Rights

The 2010 ruling made by the Copyright Office which excluded jailbreaking devices from persecution under the DMCA is set to expire soon, an event that could prove extremely damaging to how you use the devices you own and even websites like The Powerbase. If jailbreaking becomes a criminal offense, than sites which talk about it

Fawkes Nickname

Google+ Name Policy Still Flawed

News that Google would be relenting on it’s much criticized decision to require “real” names on Google+ has been making the rounds today, bringing renewed hope to those who avoided the service because of privacy concerns. Unfortunately, closer examination of the statements from Google and a quick check on the updated profile settings is all it