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The Pony Grows Up: Pwn Plug R3 Review

The Pony Grows Up: Pwn Plug R3 Review

Over two years ago, we did a review for the first generation Pwn Plug; a little ARM box that looked enough like a power adapter for a printer that it could reasonably be hidden in a wiring closet or office, all the while snooping on the local network and reporting back to a remote operator.


Back to the Future: Pwn Pad Review

It was nearly one year ago that we took an in-depth look at the Pwnie Express Pwn Plug, a security appliance that absolutely exploded its way onto the scene. By combining an off the shelf hardware platform that was well supported by open source software, custom software front-end, and the experience and knowledge of their team of


Getting Your Hands Dirty: Teensy USB Development Board Review

Here at “The Powerbase”, we usually keep things firmly in the consumer hardware and software area; about the most intensive work we do is compile software from source if there’s no binary available. But in the era of “Makers”, hardware development has become so cheap and easy that literally anyone can get into electronics without