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Facebook Messenger Unofficially Lands In Linux

Facebook Messenger Unofficially Lands In Linux

As the World Wide Web turns Do you ever wish you could use Facebook Messenger as a desktop application in Linux?  Maybe something a little like Facebook Messenger for Windows?  Sure, there is more than one way to connect with your Facebook friends in Linux with programs like Pidgin, Empathy & Telepathy.  But none of


Author Silvia Hartmann Writing Novel in Public via Google Docs

Are you familiar with the works of author Silvia Hartmann? No? Well, neither are we. Apparently she writes about magic, energies, and something called “EmoTrance“. We don’t know much about mystical emo energy here at The Powerbase, but we do know about the virtues of developing things out in the open, which is just what Silvia is


Latest Release Of Linux Contains Code Developed Via Google Plus

Say what you will about the mainstream viability of Google Plus, but anyone who has spent even a few days on Google’s rapidly developing social network can tell you that the userbase seems unusually knowledgeable and tech-savvy. There have been numerous posts and articles attempting to explain this phenomena, but the most common theory seems

Fawkes Nickname

Google+ Name Policy Still Flawed

News that Google would be relenting on it’s much criticized decision to require “real” names on Google+ has been making the rounds today, bringing renewed hope to those who avoided the service because of privacy concerns. Unfortunately, closer examination of the statements from Google and a quick check on the updated profile settings is all it

incoming G+

Google+ Removes “Incoming” Stream

Readers of “The Powerbase” with Google+ accounts may have noticed a pretty big change to their Stream selection recently. Google has decided to silently remove the Incoming stream without letting anyone know, and there has already been something of a backlash within the growing Google+ community. The Case for Incoming The Incoming Stream was a place


SOPA: Near-Complete List Of Sympathizers

Here is a nearly complete list of companies that support the far-reaching, blanket bill designed to save the desperate entertainment labels whose business models are now irrelevant. You can edit this document at will, but if you don’t have anything to contribute you are free to see if your favorite companies are listed. So, read the document and give