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Running Ubuntu on a Google Chromebook

Running Ubuntu on a Google Chromebook

A lot of people have jumped the ship on Google’s first entry to the PC market with it’s Chromebooks. A big part of the success is probably due to the low cost and reasonable good design of the machines. However, being a Chromebook running Google’s own spin of Linux which is called Chrome OS it

Android 201automate

Android 201: How To Automate Your Build

Welcome to Android 201, a series for the Android developer that already has some experience, but wants to take things to the next level.  In other words, this is not an Android 101 column focused on teaching new developers how to make an Android app.  This is a column focused on teaching developers more about

Kmail failed to fetch resource collection

Kmail 2: Fix ‘Failed to fetch the resource collection’ error and get on with life

Not everyone uses the web to check their mail- though it certainly makes sense to do so.  If you are using KMail 2 in Kubuntu 11.10, you may have seen this error. KMail encountered a fatal error and will terminate now. The error was: Failed to fetch the resource collection. This error happened even when