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How To Install Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu 14.04, 14.10, and 15.04

How To Install Visual Studio Code in Ubuntu 14.04, 14.10, and 15.04

So Microsoft released today its first application for Linux (I think).  It’s called Visual Studio Code and it supports the following languages: C++, jade, PHP, Python, XML, Batch, F#, DockerFile, Coffee Script, Java, HandleBars, R, Objective-C, PowerShell, Luna, Visual Basic, and Markdown. Announced at it’s Build Developer Conference., it purportedly will not only allow for


SOL Laptop: The Mighty Penguin Will Now Take on the Sun

WeWi Telecommunications Inc. may be a small company, but that is not stopping them from coming out with some big ideas. The latest project from the London, Ontario, Canada group is the SOL Laptop. The SOL is a laptop that is able to run on solar power. It utilizes four solar-charging panels which are attached


Razor-Qt 0.5 Released, Several Improvements In Tow

Razor-Qt, the lightweight alternative to KDE, has released version 0.5 of their desktop environment.  If you’re looking for a lightweight desktop environment that can use the pretty Oxygen look and integrate nicely with both Qt and Gtk applications, you might give the project a look. From the announcement: We’re proud to announce the release of


Linux Mint 13 KDE Arrives, But Why?

Just hours ago, Linux Mint announced the delayed availability of Linux Mint 13 “KDE”.  This latest release offers KDE 4.8, artwork improvements, and finally sets your default homepage in Firefox to Yahoo.  This updated KDE release may be very welcome news to users of Linux Mint that have been waiting to join the ranks of


Shotwell Reaches 0.12.0, Finally Gets Support For GTK3

Finally In what seems like an eternity, the group over at Yorba.org unleashed Shotwell version 0.12.0 today after a period of stagnation that could only be exceeded by F-Spot or Duke Nukem Forever.  The software package did not gain a lot of features, though seems to have been released just in time for Gnome 3.4.


Why Mozilla And Canonical Should Join Forces

Where do I begin?  This idea entered my head the same day that Canonical announced Ubuntu For Android.  That same day, information leaked about a desktop-capable Android, most likely Android 5.0 Jelly Bean.  The appeal of tethering Ubuntu to a monitor, keyboard and mouse–from an Android phone– is tremendous.  The appeal of attaching an Android