Chat of the Wild

Chat of the Wild is a weekly “Book Club” podcast chronicling our many adventures and stories through The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Each week, we talk about the various encounters and impromptu adventures we have while travelling the dense land of Hyrule in Nintendo’s latest entry in this long standing series.

Episodes are broken down in to sections each focusing on major towns and the more substantial dungeons, with a few episodes sprinkled throughout of us just travelling around Hyrule and learning various secrets. Everyone that jumps in to this amazing game will play differently and not learn every trick and mechanic of the game, and we want to help you not miss anything. A common thing that happens in the episodes, is one person describes dealing with a puzzle/enemy/etc and says they took care of their problem in a way that one of or our hosts did not realize was possible. We hope that by listening and following along we can teach you some clever ways to get around and deal with your own troubles

We make sure to preempt each episode with what we will be talking about (giving warning about any story talk at the beginning of each episode) as well as naming each episode accordingly in order to keep anyone from getting spoiled on anything they didn’t want to know yet.

You can also listen to each episode on iTunes and Google Play (Please give us a review on iTunes, it helps us out greatly.)

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