Just Another Video Game Podcast

Each week Jeremy Harvey, Bryan Auer, Tyler Johnson, and possibly some other guests get together to talk about all the latest video game news and some of the hot topics for that week and we end up calling that the Just Another Video Game Podcast. The three of us do our very best to cover the big topics of that week (though we typically get a bit side tracked and talk about something unrelated for a few minutes before getting back on the topic) and each give our own opinions and views on what Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft have been up to.

We each have plenty of things to talk about (sometimes way more than there is time for in each episode) and love to chat about those topics each and every week. Between Jeremy’s focus of current topics, Bryan’s knowledge of classic games, and Tyler’s graceful passion we can get pretty heated on some of the topics and get really excited to deep dive in to a number of topics. Be sure to follow us each week to get some of those super hot takes and insights in video gaming culture and current topics.

You can find the audio versions of the podcast on iTunes and Google Play. (Please be sure to give us a review of iTunes, that helps us out greatly.)

We also have a Twitter and Youtube channel where we do let’s plays and video reviews.

Send us any email comments and questions you have to JAVG@thepowerbase.com



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