Let’s Talk Switch

Let’s Talk Switch is a Nintendo Switch focused channel hosted by Jeremy Harvey. Each week, we cover the recent releases on the Switch, current Nintendo related news topics, and various Nintendo talking points. Whether it be new games getting announced, some major changes to beloved Nintendo franchises, or a recent Nintendo Direct Let’s Talk Switch will have it covered with thorough discussions on each topic. You can also look forward to predictions, live reactions, and post show discussions around E3 and the regular Nintendo Directs.

With the recent release of the Nintendo Switch there is a brand new wave of games to be released and with the functionality of the Nintendo Switch, all new ways to experience them. You can look forward to in-depth discussion of not only games but possibly added features to the console, as well as useful accessories to help make your time with Nintendo’s new handheld console hybrid the best it can be. We have a team of die-hard fans that love to talk about what Nintendo’s past, what they need to do, as well as just gush about the latest thing they have done and Let’s Talk Switch is the perfect place for them to do it.

We also have a Youtube channel for the video versions of our recent episodes, as well as reviews, streams, and our own original content which can be found here.

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Comments, questions, and suggestions can be sent to our email LetsTalkSwitch@gmail.com

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