Chat of the Wild Gaiden #1 – Starting a New Adventure

Welcome to our new show Chat of the Wild Gaiden! In this spin off show, we are playing through all of the Zelda games as well as “Zelda-likes” starting with the very first one, The Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Be sure to listen in for the secret word as well as instructions on how to win some cool giveaways. Click Here to find the episode on The Powerbase.


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Jeremy Harvey

Jeremy has been a freelance video games journalist since 2011, and with 25 years of gaming experience, he has a lot to say.

  • Who remembers where you were the first time you saw The Legend of Zelda?

  • Jeremy Harvey

    I mention in the episode that I didn’t first play this game until some time after it’s release, but I do have memories when I was a kid of a special golden NES cartridge and thought it was the rarest game.

  • Ty Johnson

    I remember starting a game on my cousin’s NES with the gold cartridge… sadly when LoZ came out, I wasn’t even born yet

  • BryAn Auer

    Sitting on the floor with my Aunt while she played. As a kid, it felt like that gold cartridge had always existed. It was mystical, and when it wasn’t in the NES and just sitting on the shelf, it felt wrong to me in a weird way.

  • BryAn Auer

    Like: “Why am I over here with these plebeians?!”

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