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New Ubuntu One Incentive Gives Twice!

New Ubuntu One Incentive Gives Twice!

Strike while the iron is hot Ubuntu one, Canonical’s long running cloud storage program just got a little better today.  Users are now able to invite friends and family to the program and be rewarded.  Unlike most referral based rewards, this one gives twice!  It works quite simply. If you invite a friend to Ubuntu


Ubuntu’s HUD: Heuristic Universal Discovery

Preface To those who know me, it’s no secret that I value simplicity.  Before switching to Linux full-time in the early part of this century, I had been a full-time user of the Classic Mac OS.  Specifically, Mac OS 9.2.2.  Mac OS 9’s steady decline in 2002-2003, and my outdated PPC hardware, led me towards


[How to] Install Faenza Icons In Ubuntu 12.04

Regardless of how you feel about Unity, there is one thing about the latest release, 12.04 Precise Pangolin, that cannot be ignored.  It really is beautiful.  Of course, just like the pretty girl who sat across the room from you in science class, once you approach her you notice that she is less than perfect. 


Kubuntu Dead? Not Really…

In a world of tabloid news– FOSS-focused news sites not-withstanding– it’s easy to sensationalize Canonical’s move to break financial ties with it’s first, and arguably most famous, derivative work Kubuntu.  Well, before you light your torches, burn down villages and mail death threats to Mark Shuttleworth, let’s take a look at what’s really happened. Canonical is a


Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, 5 Years Support On Desktop

Major news from Canonical today.  The makers of Ubuntu have just made a big promise to it’s future users.  The forthcoming LTS (Long-Term-Support) edition of it’s supremely successful Linux distribution with extend support to 5 years, up from 3 years on the desktop. Canonical had previously been supporting the Server edition for 5 years. Could