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How To Install Adobe Air in Ubuntu 13.04

How To Install Adobe Air in Ubuntu 13.04

For those of us that walk a blurry line between FOSS and proprietary, overcoming the annoyance and abandonment of Adobe ranks very high on our list of irritations.  Adobe Flash is a dying necessity for many of us that now exists in not one, but two separate evils in Linux.  There is the sandboxed, and


Ubuntu Touch Boasts Support For 34 Devices, 22 On The Way

A new blog post by Ubuntu community superstar Daniel Holbach reveals some impressive data on Ubuntu Touch.  Most outstanding is the fact that Ubuntu Touch has been ‘ported’ to 34 devices thus far.  Daniel writes: It’s been three weeks since we published the Porting guide for Ubuntu Touch. Since then we have Ubuntu Touch running


Ubuntu Phone And TV Ready For 14.04

Raring Ringtail Mark Shuttleworth has announced on his blog the latest charming alliteration in the Ubuntu naming stable, Raring Ringtail.  And while we are saddened that they didn’t take the opportunity to capitalize on a more rustic name befitting of their typical design idioms — Rusty Rhinoceros comes to mind here –, we are tickled pink