Plasma Active Gains New eBook Reader, Performance Gains

Plasma Active, one of the most innovative things to appear in the tablet space in some time, reaches version 3 today.  With it comes a truckload of goodies. From the project page: KDE has released the 3rd stable version of Plasma Active, KDE’s device-independent user experience. The Plasma Active user interface is touch-friendly and works […]


[Sneak Peek] Vivaldi Content Store Shows Ankles For The Cinematograph

Our good friends over at have posted a video from aseigo’s blog demoing the beginnings of the Make-Play-Live content store.  No word yet on whether that name is official, but it does drape itself quite dramatically across the application’s login screen. The application is clearly very early on in development and there isn’t much […]

opentablets A Brand New Community For Mobile Open Source!

A fresh new community has recently come together in the form of  The brain-child of Matthias Lee, the community’s primary effort centers around MakePlayLive’s premier tablet, Vivaldi.  There is a lot of productive discussion there concerning Plasma Active, and making it run proper on this device, but the community also welcomes discussion about any […]