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How To Install Adobe Air in Ubuntu 13.04

How To Install Adobe Air in Ubuntu 13.04

For those of us that walk a blurry line between FOSS and proprietary, overcoming the annoyance and abandonment of Adobe ranks very high on our list of irritations.  Adobe Flash is a dying necessity for many of us that now exists in not one, but two separate evils in Linux.  There is the sandboxed, and


Anodyne, A 16-Bit Style Action RPG, Released For Linux

If you visited The Pirate Bay today, you probably noticed a nice little promo going on involving the new game Anodyne.  Anodyne is a Zelda-esque style action RPG, with the charm of my favorite RPG ever Earthbound.  Well, it’s not just charm; it really feels like it is part of the Earthbound/Mother series.  We haven’t