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TypeCatcher: The Best Font Fetcher For Ubuntu

TypeCatcher: The Best Font Fetcher For Ubuntu

One of the triumphs of Ubuntu — and Linux in general — is the multitude of straight-forward, easy to use and useful applications written on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  TypeCatcher by Andrew Starr-Bochicchio is no different.  TypeCatcher allows users to easily browse and preview all of Google Webfonts quickly and easily. From Andrew: It was mostly


Abian Reader: Create An Open Source App For Your Website

Today, to celebrate 1 year online, we are pleased to announce a new open source project for Android by a new software house that we have been working very closely with.  Abian Software. Abian Reader What is Abian Reader?  Abian Reader is an open source library, hosted at Git-hub, that powers The Powerbase‘s new app! 


CyanogenMod App Store Development Update

Progress on CyanogenMod’s new App Store is being made, with Koushik Dutta (better known as “Koush”) posting an image of the Developer Console to his Google+ page today: Nothing new to learn from this single image, but it does show that the CyanogenMod App Store has moved from being just an idea to a real service. Why a

Review: WordPress mobile app using WordPress mobile app

So, Dean setup the WordPress app on the backend, and offered the idea up to review it using the app itself. While I miss my full-featured toolkit, this isn’t too shabby. Login was mysterious, no idea what was coming. After staring at “The Power Base” for a few seconds expecting something to load, I touched