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Android, Tizen and the End of Java

Android, Tizen and the End of Java

I wanted to call this piece Life, the Universe and Everything.  If you’re an avid sci-fi reader, or you’ve at least read Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, then those words might mean something to you, but this argument is not about the book, or Douglas Adams.  Allow me to explain. When the iPhone was announced,


The Girl With The Penguin Tattoo.

The Girl Who Played With Linux The Best I make it no secret that the Millennium Trilogy is my favorite book series of all time.  Originally published in Sweden as Män som hatar kvinnor (Men Who Hate Women) in 2005, the first book, and the series, went on to become best-sellers internationally.  Luckily, the American-English version of Män som

Put 'em where they belong.

Carrier IQ, Clients Sued, Freedom Seekers Exact Revenge

Today is a good day for anyone who uses a modern smart-phone.  The first step towards freedom against the hostile Carrier IQ has been taken.  The case I am referring to is Pacilli v. Carrier IQ, U.S. District Court, District of Delaware (Wilmington). From Bloomberg: The lawsuit cites a YouTube report by a technology blogger that


Woz: Waits in line just like everyone else.

It is strangely humbling to watch a man waiting in line to purchase a product that he is indirectly responsible for.  Steve Wozniak was Apple’s first engineer.  You would think he would only have to ask his former employer for anything and he could just have it.  This just proves that he is a real ‘man’s man’. Thanks Steve


Mobile Open Source: Into The Spotlight

Every year, millions of Americans gather around the table to give thanks and join in overindulgence until the turkey kicks in and leads to football-laced dreams. But back in 2006, on the 7th of November, Werner Almesberger, Michael Lauer, Sean Moss-Pultz, and Harald Welte of First International Computer announced the “OpenMoko” project. “Om”, or Openmoko