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How to Make Web Apps Shine in Gnome 3.10

How to Make Web Apps Shine in Gnome 3.10

Getting Web Apps Right If you’re like most people, you spend an awful lot of your time working with a computer in a web browser.  And that’s great!  The cloud is the next frontier for just about everyone, and the developers of Epiphany understand this.  If you’ve had any experience appifying your favorite web services,


Gnome 3.9.4 Intros Photos App, Improves Wayland support

Gnome 3.9.4 Gnome announced today that their latest development release 2.9.4 is out and ready for the everyday risk-takers consumption, and with it come some new–and perhaps even exciting– changes.  Gnome 2.9.4 is the latest development snapshot leading up to Gnome 2.10 in September. Behind-the-scenes Gnome might have you believe that their new Photos app


NASA Expands Android Application Collection with “Earth Now”

NASA has put out a few absolutely stunning iPhone and iPad applications, but unfortunately for us not living under Apple’s thumb, the majority of them haven’t been ported over to Android. While that situation is still a long way from changing, the recently released “Earth Now” for Android shows that keeping the two mobile operating


Winners Announced For International Space Apps Challenge

While budgetary constraints and increasing commercial competition has clearly taken its toll on NASA, one area where the iconic government institution has unquestionably made headway is the implementation of open source. The launching of code.NASA a few months back was an excellent start, open sourcing various pieces of NASA software so that anyone in the world