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LA Robotics Club’s Low Cost MCU Blasts Past Kickstarter Goal

LA Robotics Club’s Low Cost MCU Blasts Past Kickstarter Goal

The LA Robotics Club founder Annika O’Brien has started a Kickstarter campaign for a new low-cost, Arduino-compatible, microcontroller (MCU) development platform. The goal of the project was to design a very small and cheap development board that could easily be built and repaired by even a electronics novice. It looks like that goal has struck a cord


Getting Kids Into Electronics With Hummingbird

It’s vitally important to get young people interested in science and engineering if we hope to continue innovating and developing new technologies in the coming decades. But unfortunately, it can be very difficult to present this information to children as there is a dangerous mentality that those kind of topics are “for nerds”. One of


32-Bit Arduino Due Released

Today marks the official release of the long-awaited Arduino Due, a vastly more powerful and capable version of the wildly popular Arduino microcontroller. This new Arduino is aimed at more complex applications, such as robotics, where the faster processor and increased input/output capability can enable builds which are simply impractical with the standard Arduino. Arduino


HexBright, the Programmable Open Source Flashlight

Have you ever wished you could disassemble your flashlight so you could install new, upgraded components? How about programming the internal microcontroller so you could configure different lighting modes to correspond to your movements as detected by the internal accelerometer? No? Well…neither have we, but it certainly sounds pretty cool now that it’s actually possible.


Getting Your Hands Dirty: Teensy USB Development Board Review

Here at “The Powerbase”, we usually keep things firmly in the consumer hardware and software area; about the most intensive work we do is compile software from source if there’s no binary available. But in the era of “Makers”, hardware development has become so cheap and easy that literally anyone can get into electronics without