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Running Ubuntu on a Google Chromebook

Running Ubuntu on a Google Chromebook

A lot of people have jumped the ship on Google’s first entry to the PC market with it’s Chromebooks. A big part of the success is probably due to the low cost and reasonable good design of the machines. However, being a Chromebook running Google’s own spin of Linux which is called Chrome OS it


Lenovo Enters The Chromebook Game, Lends Credibility

ThinkPad X131e Chromebook The Chromebook is now officially 2 years old, with the original model CR-48 officially long-in-the-tooth and left behind.  After the initially testing period of the CR-48, Samsung and Acer have made their best, and different efforts at selling the platform for outrageously low prices.  Since the release of Samsung and Acer’s latest


Google Announces $250 Chromebook

Laptop computers running Google’s Chrome OS, referred to collectively as “Chromebooks”, have been an interesting experiment. An operating system which forgoes local applications for Internet-based “apps”, or in other words, interactive webpages developed with new technologies such as HTML5. The Chromebook promises to be the “dumb terminal” of the 21st century, a computer which is simply a