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CyanogenMod Installer Removed from Google Play Store

CyanogenMod Installer Removed from Google Play Store

A bit of news sure to disappoint fans of Cid, the CyanogenMod team recently took to their blog to explain the removal of the exceptionally popular “CyanogenMod Installer” from the Google Play Store. Despite being installed on more than 100,000 devices and maintaining a 4.2 star average rating, Google has decided this particular little blue


Cutting Off The Root: The Future Of Community Developed Android

The CyanogenMod team made news last week when they announced that future versions of their venerable Android build would no longer include root-level access by default, a massive departure from essentially every other custom Android ROM. Some have questioned the move, claiming that removing root undermines the very idea of running a custom ROM. What


CyanogenMod App Store Development Update

Progress on CyanogenMod’s new App Store is being made, with Koushik Dutta (better known as “Koush”) posting an image of the Developer Console to his Google+ page today: Nothing new to learn from this single image, but it does show that the CyanogenMod App Store has moved from being just an idea to a real service. Why a