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Debian Project, Community, Mourns Loss of Ray Dassen

Debian Project, Community, Mourns Loss of Ray Dassen

 The Debian Project today is mourning the loss of legendary Linux developer Ray Dassen.  Ray Dassen served the Linux community and Debian at large for nearly all of Debian’s life, having joined the project in the very beginning working hand-in-hand while the project’s founder, Ian Murdock. I an addition to being quite possibly the oldest


Chocolatey Attempts Debian Style Package Management In Windows

Yeah, we know.  It reads like a premature April Fool’s headline, which is something we’re pretty good at.  But this is a real thing.  Chocolatey allows users to install applications in the fastest way possible — sort of — by typing a simple command; not entirely unlike apt-get.  So, how does it work?  Well, Chocolatey


AMD64 Now Debian’s Most Popular Architecture

A Long Time Coming… Bill Allombert announced today via the Debian-devel mailing list that the X86_64 version of Debian has now surpassed all of the other supported architectures by a narrow margin.  The most surprising part of this announcement however, and accompanying info-graphics provided on the Debian Popularity Contest page, is that this was not already