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Fedora Project Officially Turns 9 Today

Fedora Project Officially Turns 9 Today

Almost 1 Decade Old, Today Red Hat’s testing ground and all around number 2 Linux distribution Fedora, turns 9 today.  A post by Fabian Affolter reveals on planet.fedora the historic day in which the project’s homepage was first registered. Fedora Core 1  The good ‘ol days…  For many of our readers, the good ‘ol days came


Trinity Desktop Environment Needs Your Help!

The Trinity Desktop Environment, responsible for maintaining, packaging and distributing (and updating!) the now classic KDE 3.5.x series, is now holding a spring fundraiser.  The team is looking to raise $2000 to support the group.s costs for building, maintaining and development on their new Qt 4 integration engine.  From the announcement: The TDE project relies on