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First DOSBox Powered Classics Trickle Into Linux Via Steam

First DOSBox Powered Classics Trickle Into Linux Via Steam

What Sorcery Wizardry is this? Last year, a few weeks before the beta release of Steam on Linux, we reported on the state of GOG making its debut on Linux.  At the time, all signs pointed towards GOG releasing DOS and Windows classics as packages for Linux.  But we’re Linux users, and by extension narcissists. 


Closed-source Linux Tycoon Now Available For DOS

From a cube-shaped planet far from earth… From the deepest darkest corner of the deepest darkest dungeon of Bizarro World, Bryan Lunduke releases Linux Tycoon, his closed-source game about an open source operating system for a closed source operating system no one uses.  That’s right, you thought today’s earlier headlines were a pump-fake-pass for April


Piers Anthony: An Ogre and a Penguin

Piers Anthony is one of my favorite authors.  I got the notion to interview him about a month ago.  Since this is a technology site and Piers is a fiction novelist, the was only one way to make that possible.  Exploit his use of Linux! Seriously though, Piers Anthony is an amazing writer.  I have