Calibre 0.9.38 released; How To Install In Any Distribution

Calibre 0.9.38 has been released today with a lot of under-the-hood changes.  Let’s take a look: New Features Book polishing: Add option to embed all referenced fonts when polishing books using the ‘Polish Books’ tool. Closes tickets: 1196038 DOCX Input: Add support for clickable (hyperlinked) images Closes tickets: 1196728 DOCX Input: Insert page breaks at […]

Google Music Featured

Google Music: The Best Service That Nobody’s Using

After spending some time in an invite-only beta period, Google Music launched publicly in November 2011 to directly compete with Amazon’s Cloud Player and serve as Android’s answer to Apple’s iTunes; allowing users to not only stream their existing music to any number of connected devices, but also purchase music. If successful, Google Music would be an exceptionally lucrative service for […]