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Fedora 20 [Running] - Oracle VM VirtualBox_001

Try Gnome 3.12 Right Now!

Try Gnome 3.12 Right Now!

Itching to get your hands on the latest goodies from Gnome?  Look no further…  If you’d like to see the project’s latest efforts, including getting the best look at the latest Gnome core apps (Music, Weather, Maps, Videos), Matthias Clasen has a special gift for you.  He’s made a special live CD containing a complete


How to Make Web Apps Shine in Gnome 3.10

Getting Web Apps Right If you’re like most people, you spend an awful lot of your time working with a computer in a web browser.  And that’s great!  The cloud is the next frontier for just about everyone, and the developers of Epiphany understand this.  If you’ve had any experience appifying your favorite web services,


E17 May Finally Be Packaged For Fedora 20

Enlightment is a desktop environment that has been around for a very long time, and unlike other light wieght desktops such as Fluxbox, OpenBox and FVWM, Enlightment has mysteriously escaped being available in the official Fedora repos.  That may change as of Fedora 20. News of this development, as reported by Phoronix just hours ago,


Gnome 3.9.4 Intros Photos App, Improves Wayland support

Gnome 3.9.4 Gnome announced today that their latest development release 2.9.4 is out and ready for the everyday risk-takers consumption, and with it come some new–and perhaps even exciting– changes.  Gnome 2.9.4 is the latest development snapshot leading up to Gnome 2.10 in September. Behind-the-scenes Gnome might have you believe that their new Photos app


Fedora Project Officially Turns 9 Today

Almost 1 Decade Old, Today Red Hat’s testing ground and all around number 2 Linux distribution Fedora, turns 9 today.  A post by Fabian Affolter reveals on planet.fedora the historic day in which the project’s homepage was first registered. Fedora Core 1  The good ‘ol days…  For many of our readers, the good ‘ol days came


Why Fedora 18 Will Be The Practical Choice For Vanilla Enthusiasts

You’ve come a long way, baby We all know about the rocky road that Gnome 3 has been travelling on since March of last year.  Not since KDE 4.0 has a desktop environment been met with such community backlash and perceived exodus.  I say “perceived” because that’s what it is.  In the world of Linux, these things


Fedora Irresponsibly Lowers Memory Requirement To 512MB

Fedora 17 now officially sets it’s memory requirement for installation to 512MB.  Before Fedora 17, the requirements and been a similarly unrealistic 768MB.  A standard desktop installation with Gnome 3 in tow will not be able to perform realistically for any user.  Of course Fedora is good for a great many configurations, including different desktop


Gimp 2.8: So Close, Yet So Far, Yet So Close

  The long-awaited and much anticipated 2.8 release of GIMP is right around the corner!  Wait, I know, you’ve heard this before.  You were expecting it at the end of 2010, and then in 2011, and so on…  Well, fear not because it’s really coming in less than 45 days!  Want proof?  Nothing could be