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Rhythmbox Hits 3.0, Goes On GTK3 Magic Carpet Ride

Rhythmbox Hits 3.0, Goes On GTK3 Magic Carpet Ride

I Eat Tapes Rhythmbox, the long standing default audio player for Gnome, has been updated to 3.0 after –more or less– an eternity.  This great player now fully integrates with Gnome 3.  Codenamed I Eat Tapes, Rhythmbox is set to please all of us old-timers who still like our jukeboxes to work precisely like iTunes


Why Fedora 18 Will Be The Practical Choice For Vanilla Enthusiasts

You’ve come a long way, baby We all know about the rocky road that Gnome 3 has been travelling on since March of last year.  Not since KDE 4.0 has a desktop environment been met with such community backlash and perceived exodus.  I say “perceived” because that’s what it is.  In the world of Linux, these things


The Gnome 3 Meteor: Revisited

This article was originally published on 09/20/11 at Muktware.com Foreword I want to revisit this article for a couple of reasons.  First and foremost, I think enough has changed in the last 6 months to invite some commentary.  Journalism is sometimes just the ability to speculate widly and then put those crazy, wide-eyed presumptions onto


Gnome 2.x, I’ll Miss You.

Note:  This article was originally published August 24th, 2011 at Muktware.com. Some of the content here no longer represents the way that I feel about Unity at present, and much of this can be taken with a grain of salt.  Even still, I do miss Gnome 2.x even though it hasn’t fully disappeared yet.  


The ‘Mate’ project: It’s real, and it’s really happening!

If you haven’t heard, Linux Mint is up to something great.  With that greatness, they verified quite confidently that the ‘Mate’ project is actually up and running and packages are being installed and working! For those of you who don’t know, Mate is a project that offers the traditional Gnome 2.x desktop to modern machines.