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XBMC Will Gain Full Wayland Support Before Mir

XBMC Will Gain Full Wayland Support Before Mir

XBMC developer smspillaz, the man responsible for the XBMC Weston hack a few months ago, is now rounding the final turns towards XBMC being fully compatible with Wayland.  smspillaz reports that he will be doing a GSoC this year to move XBMC completely to Wayland–without the use of SDL.  He writes: In late February this


Gnome 3.9.4 Intros Photos App, Improves Wayland support

Gnome 3.9.4 Gnome announced today that their latest development release 2.9.4 is out and ready for the everyday risk-takers consumption, and with it come some new–and perhaps even exciting– changes.  Gnome 2.9.4 is the latest development snapshot leading up to Gnome 2.10 in September. Behind-the-scenes Gnome might have you believe that their new Photos app


Final Term: A 2013 Spin on a 1978 Relic

The terminal emulator.  Perhaps the most important tool in any one person’s arsenal for accessing systems remotely and locally.  Unix and Linux admins would be lost without one; but despite it’s usefulness, little has been done to modernize the experience.  Until now. Enter Final Term.  The sexiest damn terminal you’ve ever seen.  With progress bars! 


Gnome Founder Miguel de Icaza Solves Identity Crisis, Moves To Mac

Today in his personal blog, Miguel de Icaza, founder of Gnome, and one of the most polarizing personalities in the free software world, announced that he is finished with the Linux platform –at least for personal use.  Icaza has made a number of unpopular decisions over the years that have been rejected for the free


Gnome Takes a Step Back To Make A Come Back With “Classic” 3.8

Put out your torches Linux community.  We’ve known for a little while now that after that enormous backlash against Gnome for removing “fallback” mode, Gnome has announced that it plans to bring back a real “Classic” mode for it’s remaining users ready to make the exodus march.  Now you can divide your negativity towards Unity


Elementary Spears a Marlin, ‘Files’ Is Born

So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish Marlin, the expected file manager for the Pantheon desktop environment, has been abandoned by its developer, Am Monkey.  Abandoned may be a harsh term.  Marlin’s homepage on Launchpad shows that he simply “lost interest”.  It seems that not all is lost for the Elementary project as they


Gimp 2.8: So Close, Yet So Far, Yet So Close

  The long-awaited and much anticipated 2.8 release of GIMP is right around the corner!  Wait, I know, you’ve heard this before.  You were expecting it at the end of 2010, and then in 2011, and so on…  Well, fear not because it’s really coming in less than 45 days!  Want proof?  Nothing could be