Gnome 3.9.4 Intros Photos App, Improves Wayland support

Gnome 3.9.4 Gnome announced today that their latest development release 2.9.4 is out and ready for the everyday risk-takers consumption, and with it come some new–and perhaps even exciting– changes.  Gnome 2.9.4 is the latest development snapshot leading up to Gnome 2.10 in September. Behind-the-scenes Gnome might have you believe that their new Photos app […]


Gnome Takes a Step Back To Make A Come Back With “Classic” 3.8

Put out your torches Linux community.  We’ve known for a little while now that after that enormous backlash against Gnome for removing “fallback” mode, Gnome has announced that it plans to bring back a real “Classic” mode for it’s remaining users ready to make the exodus march.  Now you can divide your negativity towards Unity […]