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Amazon Blocks Arch Linux Handbook from Kindle Store

Amazon Blocks Arch Linux Handbook from Kindle Store

Depressing news from the land of DRM today, as author and developer Dusty Phillips has announced via his blog that Amazon has blocked him from publishing the Arch Linux Handbook on the Kindle. Freely Available Dusty was surprised when people starting asking for the Arch Linux Handbook on the Kindle, as it was already available for free


Petition To Expand US Government Use of Free Software

A petition has recently been put up on “We the People” that suggests the US government looks to expanding their use of free and open source software in an effort to cut spending. “We the People” is a section of the White House’s official website where any citizen can submit petitions and have the rest

Free Vs Open

Open Source Versus Free Software

While open source software and protocols have been an important part of the Internet since their inception, today we’re seeing an explosion of open source projects entering the mainstream conciousness. From web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome wresting control from Internet Explorer, to the staggering success of Google’s Android mobile operating system, we may