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ReKonq Gaining Chrome Extension Support, Still Sponsored By Blue Systems

ReKonq Gaining Chrome Extension Support, Still Sponsored By Blue Systems

It’s been just a little over a year since the mystical Blue Systems started sponsoring development of ReKonq.  Blue Systems is second only to the KDE e.V. in platform investment, sponsoring not only numerous core applications, but multiple distributions as well.  ReKonq has come a long way since 0.9.2 (May 2012) and with the help


Google Pixel Runs Linux Mint, With Minimal Tradeoffs

There are many of you who were surprised by yesterday’s announcement of the Chromebook Pixel, a high resolution device with extremely limited capabilities for an enormous pricetag.  In fact, many of you who have a filter or immunity to Google’s shiny new things might recognize that the only stand-out feature of this device is the


Google Donates $20,000 to Eclipse Foundation

Eclipse, the multi-language open source integrated development environment (IDE), has just received a considerable gift from Google’s Open Source Programs Office: a $20,000 donation to help refine the performance of the latest 4.2 release. A Friend in Need This donation wasn’t exactly out of the blue. It was made in direct response to a lengthy discussion


How Nexus 7 Will Finish Nook

The Day the Nook Died The Nexus 7 has been unveiled today to much fanfare.  2 years after the first mainstream Android tablet devices were introduced, Google has finally decided to make an official foray into a segment that is already populated by its immensely popular mobile operating system. This foray in particular is probably


Google Drive Exceeds 5 Million Downloads In Less Than 1 Hour.

Google Drive, the over-speculated, hype-driven, cloud storage platform that we always knew was coming, is here.  Announced only a few thousand heart-beats ago, Google Drive is experiencing incredible demand in the Google Play store. With a broad, round number of 5 million (5,000,000) downloads recorded and displayed prominently, it may only be another hour or