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Going All the Way: GPL’ing Our Theme

Going All the Way: GPL’ing Our Theme

If you’ve been vising our site for awhile now (thanks, by the way), you’ve certainly noticed that things have been looking a little less…terrible, as of late. We’ve been working on turning “The Powerbase” into a more modern and aesthetically pleasing site, and the recent change of theme is a major step in that direction. While we’re


Copenhagen Suborbitals Release Snowmix, an Open Source Video Mixer

The Copenhagen Suborbitals, if you weren’t aware, have a pretty simple goal: to launch a human being into space. As you might expect, this takes a bit of work to accomplish; and along the way they will be creating and researching many ideas and technologies that otherwise would be limited to global superpowers and corporate


Mayan GPL Dispute Examined

It’s been an interesting few days for the Mayan Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). Mayan’s developer, Roberto Rosario, made quite a stir when he spoke out against  forks of his software which he believed to be violating the GPL. Reactions over Roberto’s claims and his resulting actions have been varied, and give interesting insight on the

Free Vs Open

Open Source Versus Free Software

While open source software and protocols have been an important part of the Internet since their inception, today we’re seeing an explosion of open source projects entering the mainstream conciousness. From web browsers such as Firefox and Chrome wresting control from Internet Explorer, to the staggering success of Google’s Android mobile operating system, we may