OsciPrime: Open Source Oscilloscope for Android

Since 2010, the OsciPrime project has aimed to turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a fully functional oscilloscope. From its simple beginnings as a school project to the current run of dedicated hardware, OsciPrime is an excellent example of a open source product’s creation from start to finish. OsciPrime Legacy The original version of OsciPrime, now referred to as […]


Fedora Irresponsibly Lowers Memory Requirement To 512MB

Fedora 17 now officially sets it’s memory requirement for installation to 512MB.  Before Fedora 17, the requirements and been a similarly unrealistic 768MB.  A standard desktop installation with Gnome 3 in tow will not be able to perform realistically for any user.  Of course Fedora is good for a great many configurations, including different desktop […]