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Lenovo Enters The Chromebook Game, Lends Credibility

Lenovo Enters The Chromebook Game, Lends Credibility

ThinkPad X131e Chromebook The Chromebook is now officially 2 years old, with the original model CR-48 officially long-in-the-tooth and left behind.  After the initially testing period of the CR-48, Samsung and Acer have made their best, and different efforts at selling the platform for outrageously low prices.  Since the release of Samsung and Acer’s latest


Getting Your Hands Dirty: Teensy USB Development Board Review

Here at “The Powerbase”, we usually keep things firmly in the consumer hardware and software area; about the most intensive work we do is compile software from source if there’s no binary available. But in the era of “Makers”, hardware development has become so cheap and easy that literally anyone can get into electronics without


OsciPrime: Open Source Oscilloscope for Android

Since 2010, the OsciPrime project has aimed to turn your Android smartphone or tablet into a fully functional oscilloscope. From its simple beginnings as a school project to the current run of dedicated hardware, OsciPrime is an excellent example of a open source product’s creation from start to finish. OsciPrime Legacy The original version of OsciPrime, now referred to as


Fedora Irresponsibly Lowers Memory Requirement To 512MB

Fedora 17 now officially sets it’s memory requirement for installation to 512MB.  Before Fedora 17, the requirements and been a similarly unrealistic 768MB.  A standard desktop installation with Gnome 3 in tow will not be able to perform realistically for any user.  Of course Fedora is good for a great many configurations, including different desktop