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HP Hiring 50+ Engineers To Work Directly On WebOS

HP Hiring 50+ Engineers To Work Directly On WebOS

Last week, HP delivered on a promise that few thought would ever be met; make WebOS fully open source by September 2012.  Well, not only did they do it, they are preparing to put a lot of steam behind the project. We’re Hiring (HP) When a major corporation like HP puts real financial effort behind


WebOS: A Future Of Choice.

The Future Of Web OS.   Since the big announcement last week from HP regarding the future of WebOS, there have been a number of impressions and speculations about what will happen next. Some say that it’s been wounded, and not properly killed off. Others have been positive and upbeat about the possibilities. I am


Ice Cream Sandwich for HP Touchpad

It will happen.   This seems like a no-brainer for the staff at the Powerbase.  Between the release of the Touchpad, and the Firesale 6 weeks later that killed it, developers started working a port of Android for the device.  Honeycomb was an obvious choice for this machine, but since Google had not released the