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Humble Bundle 9 Debuts 3 New Linux Games

Humble Bundle 9 Debuts 3 New Linux Games

The Humble Indie Bundle 9 is finally upon us.  Finally?  Sure…  I honestly feel like I can’t go 1 week without buying something from the Humble Store…  In fact, I still haven’t finished reading all of the books from the last Humble eBook Bundle, let alone the games from Humble Bundle 8.  But who cares! 


World of Goo Developer Debuts Little Inferno For Linux

Burning stuffed penguins in Linux Developer of the mega-successful casual strategy gem World of Goo is back, and this time they’ve brought Linux along for the first ride!  Tomorrow Corporation‘s much anticipated, already award-winning indie game Little Inferno is now available in the Humble Store, and we can’t wait to play it! So, what’s this


Linux Beats Mac Dramatically In Humble Bundle Total Payments

It’s long been the tradition in Humble Bundle for Linux buyers to outspend other platforms per payment, but this time Linux users have won another category; total payments by platform.  How on the heels of Linux encroaching Apple’s territory in Steam usage, this is just phenomenal.  But what does it mean? In this category, it


Anodyne, A 16-Bit Style Action RPG, Released For Linux

If you visited The Pirate Bay today, you probably noticed a nice little promo going on involving the new game Anodyne.  Anodyne is a Zelda-esque style action RPG, with the charm of my favorite RPG ever Earthbound.  Well, it’s not just charm; it really feels like it is part of the Earthbound/Mother series.  We haven’t


Humble Indie Bundle 7 Will Be Worst Humble Bundle Ever For Linux

Clarification —  It seems that the Humble Botanical Bundle was originally referred to as “Humble Indie Bundle 7“.  The games mentioned in this article are not accurate, rather the result of a drunken Google session and a “Jump To Conclusions” mat.  Our apologies. Running Out Of Ideas Those that are feeling a little miffed by


New Games Added to Humble Bundle 3 for Android

As we reported previously, the “Humble Bundle 3 for Android” offered an excellent deal for gamers on Android, Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. But just in case the original collection of independent games weren’t enough to get you donate some money for worthy charities, the Bundle has just been updated with an additional 4 games.


Humble Bundle for Android 3 Released

The “Humble Bundle for Android 3” has arrived, and with it comes the usual collection of excellent independent games and their soundtracks. As all of the games included in this bundle are also available on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows, this collection is a definite winner no matter what platform you’re on. Uplink A decade after its release,


Psychonauts: Classic Xbox Platformer Now Available For Linux

Humble Indie Bundle V Courtesy of the newly released Humble Indie Bundle V is a very special gift.  A gift that you might not have been expecting.  Psychonauts Remember Psychonauts?  Once regaled in glowing reviews and positive reception from press outlets, the now classic Psychonauts has made its way, unexpectedly, to Linux.  The game, designed by influential