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WordPress Reaches 3.5, Rides The Coltrane

WordPress Reaches 3.5, Rides The Coltrane

Splash, Crash, Ride, Bass! WordPress, everyone’s favorite open source comtent management system, reached version 3.5 today.  Introduced with the release is a bevy of new features that are sure the leave the first half of the 3.x series in the dust. WordPress says that among the most outstanding features are a “completely re-imagined flow for


How The Retina Display Will Fundamentally Change The Internet

Maybe You Didn’t Notice Display technology is changing and it’s changing very fast. Sure, you could say that display technology evolves at the same rapid pace as everything else, and you’d be right, but what you have to consider are the standards for TV and Internet. These standards, while completely necessary, are what keeps amazing


Classilla Reaches 9.3.0, Changes Focus

Today, the only modern browser for the classic Mac OS, Classilla, reached version 9.3.0. What is Classilla? If you still have Classic Macintosh arcana lying around your house then you probably know already.  Classilla is a merge point between modern code from the Mozilla foundation and the last fully-functional version of Mozilla for the classic

incoming G+

Google+ Removes “Incoming” Stream

Readers of “The Powerbase” with Google+ accounts may have noticed a pretty big change to their Stream selection recently. Google has decided to silently remove the Incoming stream without letting anyone know, and there has already been something of a backlash within the growing Google+ community. The Case for Incoming The Incoming Stream was a place