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HackRF Exceeds Kickstarter Goal Within Hours

HackRF Exceeds Kickstarter Goal Within Hours

Earlier today, Michael Ossmann, founder of Great Scott Gadgets and creator of the Ubertooth One Bluetooth development platform, unleashed his latest project on Kickstarter to staggering success: in just a few hours, the campaign exceeded its $80,000 goal with no signs of slowing down. Michael’s success is yet another in a long line of extremely popular


Leisure Suit Larry Debuts on Linux

Leisure Suit Larry –the Super Mario of filthy Sierra adventure games from the 80’s & 90’s –has returned, but not as you might expect.  For his latest tour of doody, Replay Games Inc. is revisiting –and remastering –Larry’s original adventure.  Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded is a return to the classic PC adventure game formula, with


Kickstarter Funding World’s First Public Space Telescope

We’ve already seen Kickstarter fund some pretty incredible products and services, and most would agree that its made possible things which would otherwise have been too disruptive to come to market naturally (OUYA, we’re looking at you). But everything Kickstarter has funded up until this point has been kid stuff compared to the campaign which


LA Robotics Club’s Low Cost MCU Blasts Past Kickstarter Goal

The LA Robotics Club founder Annika O’Brien has started a Kickstarter campaign for a new low-cost, Arduino-compatible, microcontroller (MCU) development platform. The goal of the project was to design a very small and cheap development board that could easily be built and repaired by even a electronics novice. It looks like that goal has struck a cord


Open Source Handheld GCW-Zero Nears Kickstarter Goal

There’s only 8 days until the end of Game Consoles Worldwide’s Kickstarter campaign for their open source handheld, GCW-Zero. With another $28,000 to go, the GCW-Zero is very close to hitting it’s funding goal of $130,000; but also dangerously close to missing it. GCW-Zero The GCW-Zero is based on an Ingenic JZ4770 1 GHz MIPS CPU,


American Epic Meriwether Coming To Linux, With Your Help

An American Epic Software firm Sortasoft LLC, of Brooklyn, NY, aims to bring a fresh and innovative RPG to Linux, and it’s not too short of it’s financial backing goals; but it hasn’t reached them either.  In order to accomplish its financial goals, Sortasoft has looked to engage its future audience using the Internet darling


Open Source R10 Quadcopter Zooms Past Kickstarter Goal

Quadcopters are all the rage right now for amateur drone projects and hobby flying, and it’s no wonder; a quadcopter has outstanding speed, maneuverability, and payload capacity. They are as fun to fly as they are useful, but unfortunately they tend to be something else: prohibitively expensive. But the R10, an open source quadrotor designed by