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Journeying Itinerants Hijack Open Office For Profit

Journeying Itinerants Hijack Open Office For Profit

The Complaint While browsing Reddit this morning, I came across an interesting post from user cyrus9020.  His post can be viewed below, or at this link. I google open office and the first (paid) link is this: http://www.open-office.us/index.html . It seems to be openoffice from the pictures but i looked at the terms part of the website


WebOS: A Future Of Choice.

The Future Of Web OS.   Since the big announcement last week from HP regarding the future of WebOS, there have been a number of impressions and speculations about what will happen next. Some say that it’s been wounded, and not properly killed off. Others have been positive and upbeat about the possibilities. I am


Piers Anthony: An Ogre and a Penguin

Piers Anthony is one of my favorite authors.  I got the notion to interview him about a month ago.  Since this is a technology site and Piers is a fiction novelist, the was only one way to make that possible.  Exploit his use of Linux! Seriously though, Piers Anthony is an amazing writer.  I have