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Play HTML5 Games In Your Login Screen With MDM

Play HTML5 Games In Your Login Screen With MDM

MDM, the Mint Display Manager, now offers an awesome features for artists and web developers that want to design attractive login screens for Linux.  MDM now supports themes made with HTML5.  But can you use it?  Well, kind of…  From the Linux Mint Blog: MDM 1.2 will be available in Linux Mint 15 and will


Google Pixel Runs Linux Mint, With Minimal Tradeoffs

There are many of you who were surprised by yesterday’s announcement of the Chromebook Pixel, a high resolution device with extremely limited capabilities for an enormous pricetag.  In fact, many of you who have a filter or immunity to Google’s shiny new things might recognize that the only stand-out feature of this device is the


Linux Mint 13 KDE Arrives, But Why?

Just hours ago, Linux Mint announced the delayed availability of Linux Mint 13 “KDE”.  This latest release offers KDE 4.8, artwork improvements, and finally sets your default homepage in Firefox to Yahoo.  This updated KDE release may be very welcome news to users of Linux Mint that have been waiting to join the ranks of


Mint And DuckDuckGo Sign Exclusive Partnership.

Ever since Linux Mint was announced a couple of weeks ago, there have been talks about whether or not Mint would continue to monetize it’s distribution with Google, or move on to DuckDuckGo.  Well, this morning it is official! From Linux Mint’s blog: Linux Mint signed a new partnership with DuckDuckGo. The search engine features some


The ‘Mate’ project: It’s real, and it’s really happening!

If you haven’t heard, Linux Mint is up to something great.  With that greatness, they verified quite confidently that the ‘Mate’ project is actually up and running and packages are being installed and working! For those of you who don’t know, Mate is a project that offers the traditional Gnome 2.x desktop to modern machines.