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OpenShot Reaches Halfway In Kickstarter Campaign

OpenShot Reaches Halfway In Kickstarter Campaign

OpenShot, the leading (currently) open source video editing package for Linux has reached the halfway point in its Kickstarter campaign today.  OpenShot, which seeks 20k in funding to release upcoming versions of its software for Windows and Mac, has crossed the 10k threshold and is inching towards 11k.  And with 22 days left to go


Linux Beats Mac Dramatically In Humble Bundle Total Payments

It’s long been the tradition in Humble Bundle for Linux buyers to outspend other platforms per payment, but this time Linux users have won another category; total payments by platform.  How on the heels of Linux encroaching Apple’s territory in Steam usage, this is just phenomenal.  But what does it mean? In this category, it


Humble Introversion Bundle Released

Humble Introversion Bundle Hot on the heels of its previous bundles, the Humble Bundle project has released the Humble Introversion Bundle, a collection of 6 indie games for Mac, Windows and Linux!  If you are able to pay higher than the average price (genius), then you have the opportunity to get 2 additional games! Here is a



(NOTE: WHILE NEGUSOFT OFFERS SUPPORT FOR LINUX AND MAC, THIS TUTORIAL REFERS TO WINDOWS XP. OFFICIAL GUIDES CAN BE FOUND VIA NEGUSOFT’S WEBSITE) Got Android? Then head over to the Android Market and get Ultimate Control. This app allows one to take control of their Windows, Mac or Linux PC keyboard and mouse with an Android 2.1+


Humble Bundle @ 1.1Million, Continues To Prove Publishers Wrong.

The Humble Indie Bundle, for those not aware is a collection of games by independent developers available at whatever price you choose!  The latest bundle, Frozen Synapse is by far the most successful. The platform sales-split looks alot like the last bundle, with Microsoft Windows bringing in 2/3rds of all sales while the remaining third belonged equally to Mac