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Cinnamon Goes 2D, Diminishes Mate’s Relevance

Cinnamon Goes 2D, Diminishes Mate’s Relevance

Announced via the Linux Mint Blog, Cinnamon 1.6 becomes official.  It comes with a full compliment of new features and improvements to existing ones, including; Workspace Names Cinnamon 2D Configurable Alt-Tab Keyboard Navigation Expo Grid View Configurable Panel Heights Scale, Expo, Brightness Applets Windows Quick-list Notifications Applet Also, Mint has officially unveiled Nemo, Linux Mint’s fork


Anonymous Creates Profit Center With Duck Duck Go?

Remastering Ubuntu and creating your own distribution is easy.  In fact, this is part of my day job and I can tell you that a child could do it with a little nudge in the right direction.  Anonymous, or more accurately, some anonymous person, has remastered Ubuntu 11.10 to create the Anonymous OS.  Trust me


The ‘Mate’ project: It’s real, and it’s really happening!

If you haven’t heard, Linux Mint is up to something great.  With that greatness, they verified quite confidently that the ‘Mate’ project is actually up and running and packages are being installed and working! For those of you who don’t know, Mate is a project that offers the traditional Gnome 2.x desktop to modern machines.