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KDE Connect For Android Shares Everything, Even Your Clipboard

KDE Connect For Android Shares Everything, Even Your Clipboard

Developer Albert Vaka has a very interesting GSoC project.  In the wake of Ubuntu’s ‘convergance story‘, the prospect of integrating your phone with your computer–or even using your phone as a desktop–has become a very hot topic.  Albert, not interested in seeing KDE users left out in the cold, has taken the very first steps


How Nexus 7 Will Finish Nook

The Day the Nook Died The Nexus 7 has been unveiled today to much fanfare.  2 years after the first mainstream Android tablet devices were introduced, Google has finally decided to make an official foray into a segment that is already populated by its immensely popular mobile operating system. This foray in particular is probably


[Sneak Peek] Vivaldi Content Store Shows Ankles For The Cinematograph

Our good friends over at opentablets.org have posted a video from aseigo’s blog demoing the beginnings of the Make-Play-Live content store.  No word yet on whether that name is official, but it does drape itself quite dramatically across the application’s login screen. The application is clearly very early on in development and there isn’t much

Android 201automate

Android 201: How To Automate Your Build

Welcome to Android 201, a series for the Android developer that already has some experience, but wants to take things to the next level.  In other words, this is not an Android 101 column focused on teaching new developers how to make an Android app.  This is a column focused on teaching developers more about


7 Mobile Operating Systems You Might Never Use

Diamonds– err, Emeralds– In The Rough With iOS and Android dominating the mobile space, it’s sometimes hard to remember that it’s actually a congested and cluttered market.  They are quite a few operating systems that are either in an incubating period, or already in your local Verizon store vying for your attention.  This attention costs a lot


How The Retina Display Will Fundamentally Change The Internet

Maybe You Didn’t Notice Display technology is changing and it’s changing very fast. Sure, you could say that display technology evolves at the same rapid pace as everything else, and you’d be right, but what you have to consider are the standards for TV and Internet. These standards, while completely necessary, are what keeps amazing