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Pwnie Express Releases Pwn Pad Ahead of Schedule

Pwnie Express Releases Pwn Pad Ahead of Schedule

The team at Pwnie Express seems to have a lot of trouble standing still, as it doesn’t seem more than a few months go by before they are talking about yet another disruptive open source product that they are about to unleash on the security community. First it was their Pwn Plug, which combined an off the shelf SheevaPlug with


WiFi Monitor Mode with Android PCAP Capture

Noted security researcher Mike “dragorn” Kershaw, developer of the gold standard in WiFi scanners, Kismet, has recently released a tool for Android that enables raw 802.11 frame captures in WiFi monitor mode. Putting a WiFi device into monitor mode allows it to capture all sorts of interesting data about the wireless network that would otherwise be


An Unlikely Union: Microsoft SmartGlass for Android Review

Despite some concerns and doubts from the community early on, Microsoft has finally released its SmartGlass application for Android. For those who aren’t acquainted with the technology, SmartGlass allows various PC and mobile operating systems to directly control the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console. Users are able to control most aspects of the Xbox interface (and select


How Nexus 7 Will Finish Nook

The Day the Nook Died The Nexus 7 has been unveiled today to much fanfare.  2 years after the first mainstream Android tablet devices were introduced, Google has finally decided to make an official foray into a segment that is already populated by its immensely popular mobile operating system. This foray in particular is probably